Residential Landscape Maintenance

The long-term success of your landscape is only as good as how it is maintained. Here, DeSignia offers several unique advantages:

The first step in our landscape maintenance program is communication with you. We would like to understand what your needs are, and tailor a gardening program to fit those needs.

If DeSignia designed and installed your landscape, initial communication with the design team ensures that the integrity of plant choices and purposes remains intact through correct pruning and growth control measures. This communication is vital giving DeSignia a unique turn key advantage. First-hand knowledge of the value of your investment, and a sense of pride in the installation compel our maintenance team to further enhance your landscape experience.

Part of successful gardening is persistence. At DeSignia, our reliability guarantees that your garden will receive persistent care from week to week during the growing season.

As a unique benefit, our well-staffed landscape maintenance team is managed by two well-seasoned gardeners who visit your site frequently to ensure that the team’s work is being carried out professionally. These gardeners also conscientiously seek out improvements to your landscape even in small ways that many less dedicated contractors would overlook.

With over 30 years of experience, we clearly understand that a poorly maintained landscape can cost a fortune in the long run. We routinely make recommendations that could prevent long term costly repairs.

Instead of just scratching at the surface, we drive down to the roots of your garden care from mowing to soil conditions. Nothing serves your landscape better than a manicuring visit from our maintenance team.

Lawn care

DeSignia was founded on lawn care and garden maintenance. The first step to creating a lawn care program is to understand your lawn specifically and to partner with you in your efforts. Lawn care has never been a one size fits all program. DeSignia will tailor a strategy to improve your turf and plants. If you prefer to do your own mowing, weeding and pruning, our lawn care program will include specific instructions for you. This educational aspect is an important step to producing amazing results.