Landscape Design

Even if you are just mildly interested in landscaping your home, the design phase is a very important and valuable step to take.  The investment in professional landscape design will produce an unbelievable return for several key reasons:

  • Our design staff is trained to make the best and most practical use of your landscape budget.
  • Each designer will build off your ideas to bring them farther than you could imagine.
  • Consulting a professional can help avoid costly mistakes.
  • By investing in a design, you open your property to the experience and imagination of someone who is committed to creative and innovative landscape beauty. This results in a finished product that is a complete masterpiece of landscape art.
  • A completed landscape design is a great way to understand what the cost of the installation will be. Each design is completed to scale thus removing the guesswork from pricing.
  • A master plan is also a great tool to determine how a project can be phased over months or years.
  • Each design comes with a comprehensive quotation which is broken down into the various components of the project.

Simply put, a landscape design is a great first step investment in the improvement of your outdoor living space.   The accredited designers at DeSignia offer the advantage of over 30 years of experience.  Each design is crafted from a combination of your wish list, and the designer’s professional touch, taking into consideration influences such as existing architecture, drainage, sun and shade, changing seasons, practical use, color palette, care requirements, wildlife, and environmental impact.

When you contact DeSignia, our initial visit will determine what your design investment will be, and you will already begin to see the potential for beauty that your property holds, just waiting to be unlocked for your enjoyment.