Rain Harvesting and Green Landscaping Services

Rain water harvesting
The past several years have brought about new ideas for the use of rainwater. For a one-inch rainfall, the average house roof will produce around 125 gallons of water which is great for watering plants. Whether it’s a simple rain barrel, or an underground water collection system, collected rainwater systems will become the standard for landscaping in the years to come.

The basic definition of Xeriscaping is simply landscape planting that requires little irrigation. At DeSignia we find this to be a narrow definition. In our opinion, the realm of xeriscaping could include hard elements such as decorative gravel, strategically placed rocks or sculptures that combine with drought tolerant plants to form a uniquely water conservative landscape. As one of our more popular green landscaping services, this site-sensitive design strategy can be expertly tailored to fit your taste.

Permeable pavers
With the building industry moving its focus to a greener approach, permeable pavers become a useful tool to convert impervious area (areas that water cannot penetrate) to permeable (areas that water can penetrate) area. Municipalities have standards for what percentage of property area can be impervious. Sidewalks and parking areas are notoriously bad for eating up that category. Permeable pavers offer an attractive solution to runoff and permeability issues. DeSignia has the ability to combine permeable pavers with a rain harvesting system to store irrigation water right under your driveway!

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Leadership in Environmental Engineering and Design. LEED
This rating system is becoming the standard by which buildings are measured for their environmental impact. LEED has an extensive section on plant choice, irrigation usage, heat generating hard surfaces, preservation of natural areas, water run-off impact. DeSignia will work closely with your builder or LEED AP to ensure that the maximum credit for green landscaping services is earned in the landscape sector of your building project.