Outdoor Lighting

The DeSignia approach to low voltage outdoor lighting is simple: Provide excellent craftsmanship, superior materials, and extensive guaranties so you can enjoy your night time retreat worry free for years to come. The design team utilizes the architectural features of your home, small trees and other unique elements in the landscape to provide a warm well balanced visual appeal in the night time landscape. Whether it is using the proper placement of path lights to enhance safety and interest on horizontal surfaces or choosing accent lights to highlight a special plant or feature, the effect is to create a beautiful landscape environment beyond the light of day. Security is considered as an important part of the design as well.

DeSignia offers a full line of high-grade copper and brass fixtures and stainless-steel transformers. The idea behind fixture choice and placement is that they do their job at night and blend in during the day. Today’s lighting transformers are photo and time-controlled for maximum flexibility.

DeSignia uses light emitting diodes (LED) exclusively in our outdoor lighting projects. Gone are the days of the “horrible blue light” that the first-generation LED lamps put out. The quality and effect of the modern LED lamp is amazing. Our LED lamps emit the nice warm glow that we are all accustomed to with Halogen lamps. LED lamps are an excellent replacement for halogen or incandescent lamps. They last much longer than halogen (up to 30,000 hours versus 3,500 hours). They are extremely efficient using up to 80% less energy. LED lamps are powerful yet cool to the touch. They can be retrofitted into most common fixtures. Ask us about our LED lamp upgrade service!